Welcome to finding Roo!

Welcome to finding Roo!

This site will be up for 1 year beginning November, 2018

I miss you

I did not leave you or abandon you

I hope you are well and Happy

I think about you everyday.  I hope you are healthy and happy.


I hope you can learn the truth about what happened.  I love you and will always be here if you need me.

If you want you can communicate with me here - see the next page

How are you?

Type this email in the space below for "A Special email address": pierreandisabella@outlook.com

Then type in any message below then - I will respond to you in the "I miss you" section above

I will hope and pray everyday that you may have a dream some night that will tell you to google "ROO" and find this site.  I will check the site every day to see if you have reached out and respond in the narrative sections on the previous page.  That way we use the site, not email, to communicate.

Always close the site and delete it from your browsing history.

Begin each message with the name of your favorite penguin so I know it is you.

Finding Roo